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Shellville Rescue

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A place that understands you


Meet the
Orellana Family


We're just your normal, ordinary family of seven... that happens to run a reptile rescue. We've been that parent standing in the pet store as our child begged for that adorable little lizard... we've believed the advice of a pet store employee merely guessing... which has led us to spend thousands of dollars on wrong supplies and vet bills. 
We want to share what we've learned from years of experience and research!


Everything We Offer


ShellVille Rescue began as a safe haven for unwanted turtles and tortoises... but it quickly became apparent that that need extended to many different types of reptiles. Since our personal experience already expanded to include bearded dragons, as well as different kinds of geckos and lizards; we didn't hesitate to help with them, too!

If you already have a turtle or tortoise (or bearded dragon or gecko), and just want to see if there's any way to improve on his/her habitat and diet; we offer free, in home, consultations!
If you're thinking of adding one to your family, we'd love to teach your family about different options... to see which one would be the best fit for your lifestyle. We also have many different friends available for adoption!

Rescues: we will happily take in that not-so-little-anymore turtle, tortoise, lizard, etc without any lectures or shaming. We've been that parent before, with the child that begged and promised, yet no longer offers their pet the care they deserve. So no judging from us!  We just want to help provide the right education and homes for these amazing creatures!

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