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Shellville Rescue

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Improve the lives of reptiles sold at pet stores to unprepared families.

We want to help families that currently already have their turtle or tortoise, but maybe don't have the best habitat set up for it to be living its best life. We'll help you with ideas and suggestions to get it at its BEST!

For families still considering if a tortoise or turtle is right for them, we want to help educate and prepare.  Then, we'd love to place one of our rescue animals currently up for adoption with their forever family.

Our Story

The baby started it all!

See that little cutie there in the picture... the one with his little stuffed turtles? Ya, he started this whole thing! His first word was "turtle", so daddy ran out and bought him a turtle. (actually FOUR turtles, because... I mean, why not?) Now, we already had the 2 tortoises and dragon at this time, but never a turtle! So we had some learning to do!

The more we dug and researched, the more we uncovered misleading information and suffering animals because of it. Animals that were dying simply because their owners were given bad "advice". Owners are led to believe that these animals are simple to care for and require very little. That's not exactly the truth. They aren't "hard" per say... but there are a lot of areas that one could get it wrong for these guys! Don't worry though! Once you have your pet properly set up and healthy, they are amazing companions to have.... (and have more personality than you can imagine!)

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