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Thinking of adopting?

Unlike dogs and cats, reptiles require specialized care and may not be suitable for everyone. Most of the animals surrendered to us have suffered health conditions due to a misinformed owner. These animals deserve the chance to live a long healthy life in a forever home. Therefore, we are dedicated to making sure these animals go to just the right home, one who is ready, willing and able to properly care for them for their entire life. (which could be 80-100 years!)


Have a reptile you need to surrender?

There is no charge for you to surrender your pet to us, but donations are greatly appreciated! Whether it's a monetary donation, or their enclosure, lighting, or supplies... it all plays a huge role with the care we are now taking on for your pet.

Please click the button below to complete the form. The more detailed information that you are able to provide, the better!
Thank you.


Adoption Process:

  • Fill out an adoption application completely. 

  • We may take a few days to check your application before we contact you to move forward, but promise to be with you as quickly as possible.

  • You will be asked for photos of your current animals and enclosures and/or photos of the enclosure you plan to use for the new animal. If you are not set up yet, that's completely okay. We're happy to help guide you putting together the best enclosure for your new family member. 

  • If approved, you MUST have a proper set up ready before taking home an animal. (we happily will place your animal on HOLD here at the rescue while you're getting everything you need.)

  • There is an adoption fee to help with our expenses. The fee is listed on each animal's bio below.

  • We are happy to adopt out of state but you MUST drive here to get the animal. We currently do not ship our animals. 

Check out who's available!

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