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This month we want to see your reptile's DIET!

Simply complete the form below to be entered into July's drawing! Winner will be drawn on August 1st. We will post video of winner drawing on our YouTube channel.

We'll need one or more clear photos of the different foods you feed your reptile. 
If you are having trouble uploading your picture links on this form, please email us the photos and info below to:

Title: July Contest - Diet

This month's winner will receive a $20 gift card to Josh's Frogs - largest online herps feeders and reptile supplies store! We are not affiliated with Josh's Frogs... just love everything they offer!

By submitting, you are agreeing to allow us (ShellVille Rescue) to email you any suggestions we might have for improvements on the habitat and care of your reptile. Whether or not you take our advice is completely up to you! We do not claim to be professionals of any type. Simply sharing our own years of experience and endless research we've dedicated to these animals. Winners are drawn completely by random. Having an amazing diet, or the bare bones, will not increase or decrease your chances of winning.


Here's Your Chance To Win
ShellVille Rescue has permission to use the following on any of their social media and/or marketing:

Thanks for submitting!

If you choose NONE, and are drawn as the winner, we will not say your name on our YouTube video. Instead, we will contact you privately via email. 

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