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Leopard Geckos



  • Intake Date: 7-16-2021

  • Age at intake: 7 yrs


  • Sex:


  • Adoption Fee: $100

Tango came to us extremely sick. She had an injured tail, stuck shed, swollen stomach, and wasn't eating. But Tango is a fighter! Under a vet's care, she received proper care and treatment... until one day she finally began to eat! Her tail has healed nicely, and she is so very sweet and loves to be held!



  • Intake Date: 6-20-2022

  • Age at intake: 1 yr


  • Sex:


  • Adoption Fee: $50

Ash is adorable! We actually caught her once eating her shed as a whole! It's pretty cool and on our TikTok. If you haven't seen it, you should go check it out!

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