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ShellVille Rescue gets animals surrendered for all different reasons. Sometimes life changes and you can no longer take care of your animal. We don't judge your reasons. Being there for the animal is the reason our organization was formed. 

When an animal is surrendered, the owner is asked to fill out a Surrender and History form. We get information on the animal, how it was cared for, and what it likes to eat. It then gets a full intake evaluation, checking for any pressing health issues. Each animal is held for 30 days to make sure they are not showing signs of illness or parasites, to make sure they are eating as they should, and it even allows to assess their personalities. If vet care is needed, we will make certain it is received. Once the animal has successfully completed the 30 days, it goes up for adoption on our website. The adopter must fill out an application, have knowledge of care for the animal they are applying for, and we must approve their enclosure before they take any animal home. 

Our intake procedure includes a bath, weight check, and fecal exam when needed. If the animal is brought in their current enclosure, (and it's suitable), we may allow them to remain in there to try and reduce stress. They will then be moved to an enriching and long term enclosure for their stay with us.

We do not charge a surrender fee but please keep in mind it does take money to run fecal exams and care for these animals every day. If you can donate to the care of your animal, it helps us tremendously. 

We do not require enclosures or equipment to be brought with your animal, but will typically take anything you want to bring. We can always use extra light fixtures, supplements, etc. We also love front-opening enclosures, however top opening tanks may end up for sale to help us bring in needed funds. 

Please complete below. We will then email you the Surrender and History Form.

Thanks for submitting!

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