Habitat Summary:​
Life Span Summary:
  • Must have water AND dry land for basking

  • Water 78 degrees

  • MUST have UVB lighting

  • Filter 3-4x amount of habitat (ex. if you have 50 gallon tank, you'll need a filter made for 150-200 gallons)

  • 50+ years

Dangers Summary:
Diet Summary:
  • Variety is key!

  • Pellets, fresh leafy greens, feeder fish, snails, river shrimp

  • Amount to be fed is size of their own head, every other day is typically good

  • Swimming lopsided, breathing with mouth open, bubbles in mouth or nose = trip to emergency vet!

  • Small rocks/gravel

  • Falls or escapes - these guys can climb a 6 foot fence, straight up! Protect them from falling and/or escaping.

  • Bigger turtles can chip back of smaller turtles' shells, and even drown them.

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