We operate off of DONATIONS

If you're getting ready to throw out that old aquarium or left over building / landscaping scrapes, we hope that you'll consider donating it to us, instead! Our rescues enjoy getting their sunshine and fresh air, so we build outside enclosures... as close to as what they'd have in nature as possible... for them to enjoy their warm days in. 
Any surplus of donated supplies, we help other rescues in need of supplies... as well as families facing a financial rough patch.


Other Ideas We Can Always Use:

~ Fruits & Veggies
~ Building supplies (lumber, cinder blocks, chicken wire...)
~ Heat or UV lamps / pads / stands
~ Terracotta pots & dishes
~ Flat landscaping rocks (these are great to place food on because it helps keep nails and beaks trimmed)
~ Old tanks / enclosures
~ Old stock tanks / troughs that still hold water
~ Fake plants
~ Garage shelving 
~ Storage bins (all sizes. No lid okay!)


We also happily accept Venmo donations @Shellville-Rescue

flat rocks.png

Thank You!