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2023 Projects

Where does your passion lie?


Turtle Territory

Rescues all across the nation are having to decline aquatic turtles because they are FULL! (us included!) This causes many owners to simply let their pet turtle go in unsafe locations. In 2023, we are dedicated to constructing 3 additional turtle ponds so that we don't have to turn away any aquatic turtle needing a safe place!

Mysterious Disease?

Rescues and keepers have recently seen an increase in cases of bearded dragons who seem to display a form of muscular dystrophy. Vets often misdiagnose it as MBD, or simply are unable to offer a diagnosis at all. Without a diagnosis, treatment is unavailable and many of these dragons are sadly euthanized. We currently have 3 in our care and have been able to improve their quality of life. We have partnered with several vets and DNA laboratories to help us prove, (or disprove) that they suffer from a form of MD... as well as offer help to those dragons and owners suffering.

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As reptiles increase in popularity as pets, education on their care needs to, too! We don't require a fee to go into a school, or even a home, to educate individuals on the unique and proper care that is REQUIRED for these animals to live a good life. But that doesn't mean it doesn't cost us anything to do this. We need funding so we can continue to reach out in our community and share our knowledge and passion.

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